Virginia Beach Mini Road Trip

December 4, 2012 at 3:27 pm

I’ve completely forgotten to post the pictures from the mini road trip we did a couple of weeks ago. One of Hubby’s friend invited us down to Virginia Beach and we decided ‘what the hell’ and got in to our car for some 5½ hours and drove down. Warning; Picture Rain Ahead.

We kept seeing these everywhere. Like badasses we passed anyway.


We went through a tiny town I can’t remember the name of and saw a familiar flag.


When we finally saw the foggy harbor, I suddenly realized how much I’ve missed the ocean.

Interesting road names in VA Beach…


And equally interesting sales pitches.


And then finally, around sunset, we were there.


We ate and we drank and we had fun, but I’m not gonna post those pics here, there were people there that may not want to be on my blog. It was a nice night in any case.

The morning after was gorgeous, but windy as hell. This is the view from the house we stayed at. Not too shabby.


M served us some breakfast…


And then we went for a walk on the beach. Like I said, windy.


I saw my very first live pelican and learned that a group of pelicans is called a pod.


And then I met this guy. He was very suspicious of us. I don’t blame him.


Then we went back home. Drove right past Norge (Norway) to my big surprise. ;)